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IT MAY BE LEGAL BUT IT WON’T BE PRETTY: Cannabis Packaging and Labelling Regulations

On October 17, 2018, the marketing and sale of cannabis will no longer be a criminal offence in Canada. However, the government has done its best to remove the appeal of cannabis products by introducing a strict regulatory regime to govern the promotion and packaging of such products.

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Privacy in an Individual’s Image

Privacy law is undergoing rapid development in our digital age. Longstanding assumptions need to be re-evaluated. Persons and businesses that routinely photograph or film individuals in public spaces should consider requesting written consents - especially for any commercial publication.

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Update on Changes to Canadian Trademark Law

In 2014, the government passed legislation to make sweeping changes to trademark law in Canada. After several years of consultation, the changes are now expected to come into force in early 2019. Businesses should consider steps to avoid the increased fees and to protect their brands before 2019.

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