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USPTO - Trademark Fee Increases

The USPTO is raising its official fees for trademark matters effective January 2, 2021. This includes fees to file new applications which will increase from $275 US to $350 US per class for applications that do not use a standard pre-approved identification of goods and services.

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Depreciation of Goodwill: Another Cause of Action for Registered Marks

Even where there is no likelihood of confusion, a registered trademark can be protected from "depreciation" per section 22 of the Trademarks Act. This additional protection can be valuable where others try to trade on the goodwill in an established brand to promote a business in a different market.

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Trademarks: New “Not Distinctive” Objection

Since legislative amendments came into force June 17, 2019, trademark examiners may object to an applied-for-mark on the ground that the mark is “not distinctive”. This is a controversial objection which, if raised, can increase the cost of a typical trademark application and the risk of rejecti

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