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Trademark Application Costs to Increase Summer 2019

In 2014, the Canadian government passed legislation which will make sweeping changes to trademark law in Canada. We are now expecting these changes to come into force on June 17, 2019.

At that time, it will become mandatory to classify all goods and services when filing a new Canadian trademark application in accordance with the Nice classification system. For more information about the Nice classification system, refer to our previous article found here.

At the same time, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office will start charging an application fee for EACH class of goods and services contained in a trademark application.

At present, the official government application fees are $250 for an unlimited number of classes of goods and services.

After the changes come into force, the official government application fees will increase to $330 for the first class of goods or services, plus $100 for each additional class.

For applicants contemplating the filing of new trademark applications for a wide range of goods and services, it may be prudent to file applications before the fee increases take effect.

For more infformation about the other changes to be introduced, refer to our previous article found here.