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Online Trademark Services in Canada Not Available June 14-16

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is implementing substantial upgrades and enhancements to its website and online services with respect to trademarks to coincide with Canada's its accession to several international treaties as of June 17, 2019.

As a consequence, no online services will be available from midnight Wednesday, June 13 until 6 am Monday, June 17th.

During this period, applicants will be unable to do any of the following tasks online:

  • view or search the trademark register
  • file any trademark applications
  • take the final steps to register pending trademark applications
  • renew registrations
  • file statements of opposition or request extensions of time
  • view the Trademarks Journal

While CIPO will remain open for business on Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14, 2019, applicants are encouraged to file earlier when: (a) relying on a priority claim scheduled to expire on Thursday June 13 or Friday June 14; or (b) it is otherwise important to ensure that the filing is processed before the law changes. Priority claims expiring on Saturday June 15 and Sunday 16 may still be asserted Monday June 17, 2019, but increased application fees will apply.