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About Us

Ballagh & Edward LLP was founded in 2009 with the goal of becoming the trusted local source for intellectual property law services in Hamilton, Ontario and the surrounding region.

Together, Michele and Valerie have over 30 years experience in this specialized field. We offer a full range of intellectual property services from filing patent and trademark applications to preparing agreements and resolving disputes.

Like the Frost poem says, we firmly believe that “good fences make good neighbours”. Put simply, we believe that taking proactive steps to protect your intellectual property is a positive step towards ensuring fair competition for your business in the marketplace.

As a “good neighbour”, we are also committed providing our contacts with a superior client experience. In operating our business, we try our best to follow these principles:

  • We are friendly and down to earth. This means that we offer a free one-hour consultation to potential new clients. It also means that we answer the phone and respond to emails.
  • We invite clients to be part of the team. This means that we do our best to explain legal principles and processes to our clients in layman terms so that they can provide us with informed instructions.
  • We bill at regular intervals for predictable sums. This means that we generally provide cost estimates for each stage of a matter where possible. For patent and trademark applications and other non-adversarial matters, we bill fixed fees for most steps in the process.
  • We make our referral sources look good. This means that we treat our clients and potential clients with respect at all points of contact from answering the phone to closing the file.
  • We provide timely and competent legal services. This means that we have a robust system for tracking deadlines. It also means that we are committed to keeping up to date with legal developments in our field and sharing that knowledge with our network.
  • We have an international outlook. This means that we maintain reciprocal relationships with qualified agents around the globe to assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property in other countries where warranted.

We know that trust is the foundation of a good business relationship and that trust must be earned. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust.